Accept debit cards right on your website!

By adding pin debit to your account, you bring safety and security to online debit card transactions while saving yourself money. One of the major advantages of the pin debit service is that it lowers risk on the cardholder's part while lowering your merchant service fees at the same time. Having lower risk on your side lowers your overall operation costs, reduces the likelihood of chargebacks, and makes the buying experience better for your customers.

Another bonus offered by adding pin debit to your account is that you don't need to pay any extra equipment expenses for a pin pad. Acculynk Inc., the provider of the PaySecure product for Internet PIN-based debit card transactions, provides a secure pin encryption service online for merchant accounts. When your customers shop on your site using a debit card, they'll see a floating online PIN pad that enables them to enter their PIN for authentication when checking out. 

Want to see it in action?

Click the following link to see a demo of how Online Pin Debit Works!

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