Our Guarantee!

At The Payment Source we are confident that we can decrease your cost and save you money one transaction at  a time. And if we can't save you money, we will send you  *$100.00! 

So how do you go about saving money?  Just send us in your statement.  We will look over your statement to figure out the different fees with markup in it. Over the years processors have become very tricky with their pricing. We find 60% of merchants have hidden fees that they are unaware of. Merchants can be overcharged in thousand different ways.  Let our professionals look over your statements and start saving you money today!

Please fax or email your statements to: 

TOLL FREE FAX NUMBER  1-866-520-0316 

Email:  statement@thepaymentsource.com

  *Guaratee available once per customer.  Monthly processing must average $5,000 per month to qualify.

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