How do I take payments on my website?

A processing gateway is needed to take payments on your website.  A gateway is basically a virtual credit card machine.  We have a good selection of gateways to offer the best security at a great value.

What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  PCI is essentially a set of rules established to protect card holder data.  Any merchant that accepts credit cards is required to be PCI compliant.

How long does it take to receive my deposits?

Excluding weekends and holidays funds are generally deposited in 1-3 days.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a service that replaces storing card holder information.  A token which has no personal data is stored on the system, thus preventing a data breach, because there is no information available to steal.

What do I do now that I am shut off?

With the partners we work with we can sometimes help people who have had their service shut down get reset up. 

What is the difference between a chargeback & a refund?

A charge back is initiated by the customers bank when the customer has a problem with the sale. The bank reclaims the money from the merchant through the processor.   A refund is initiated by the merchant, when the merchant returns money to the customer via the credit card.  Money should be repaid in the way it was received.  If a credit card was used to make the sale it should also be used to issue the refund. 

What is the difference between "online" & "offline" debit?

Online debit refers to pinned debit or is when the customer enters their PIN instead of a signature.  With online debit the transaction goes through one of a dozen debit networks.  Online debit is more secure for the business because chargebacks are virtually eliminated.

Offline debit refers to the customer signing for the sale and not using a pin.  In most cases the money comes out of the customers checking account whether a signature or PIN is used.

What determines the cost of a credit card?

There are a couple factors that drive the cost of each transaction.  The type of card is the first factor that determines the cost.  The main types are a check card or debit card, a regular credit card, a rewards credit card, and a business or corporate card. 

The next factor that affects the price of the card is how the card is run.  Cards that are swiped through a credit card machine are the cheapest.  Cards that are typed in via a credit card machine or internet are higher risk and thus more expensive.  Collecting the proper data on a keyed transaction can decrease the risk and keep the cost lower. 

A third factor that can affect the cost is batching.  Visa rules require transactions to be batched or settled in a timely manner.  If transactions are not settled for several days the cost for those transactions increases.  If a transaction is not batched for over a month the authorization is no longer valid and the transaction would have to be rerun.

What if I am not approved?

At the Payment Source we work with several companies to make sure we can help you get approved.  If an account is not approved with one of our partners we can resubmit an application with another of our partners.

Mobile payment options?

We have mobile solutions for most any need.  These include taking payments on your smart phone, ipad, laptop computer, and stand alone wireless credit card machines.

What is a gateway?

A gateway (, Linkpoint, Paypro, AMG, etc.) provides a link from your website or shopping cart to your merchant account/Credit Card Processor. It also provides a virtual terminal that can be used to manually enter credit card transactions via the Internet.
Your gateway provides 24 hour access to a Virtual Terminal (manual order entry screen), detailed reporting, processing online checks, and more. It can be set up in as little as 2-3 hours.

What name will show on my customer's credit card statements?

The name of you business, of course! Whatever name you input under the DBA on our application will show on their statements. We also have the abilty to put the name of the widget ordered on the statement.

How long does it take to receive our funds once an order is processed?

Funds will be deposited 2-3 business days after the batch is submitted

How long does it take to get set up?

After completing the approval process, we can have you up and running typically in 2-3 business days.

If I already have Amex and/or Discover accounts, can I add them to a new merchant account?

Absolutely! When you apply for a new merchant account, simply add your existing Amex/Discover Merchant ID number into your application. When your new account and gateway are set up, your existing Amex and Discover account will automatically be added.

Is there a recurring billing option available?

Definitely! We are here to make business as easy as possible for you! You can enter orders to charge daily, weekly, monthly, ect. You even have the option of pre-setting the number of payments requested. The recurring billing functionality is very user-friendly.

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