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The Payment Source
10% Cash Back Program 

Merchants of all business types agree that processing fees are one of their biggest expenses! The Payment Source understands how these costs can impact your business & has created a 10% Cash Back Program designed to put money right back in your pocket! The Payment Source has always guaranteed to save you money on your processing fees & now we have added actual CASH BACK! What does that mean for you the merchant? - The Payment Source will cut you a check for 10% cash back EVERY month you use our services!

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Let us prove to you that we truly do provide better service, pricing and merchant service technology. On top of our industry-best service and rates, we'll give you $100 in Google AdWords advertising credit to promote your website and services, for FREE! We're continually committed to helping our clients improve their online efficiency and ability to sell. Allow us to review your merchant statements with you to see how we can save you money, and we'll send you new clients through Google AdWords to show our appreciation.

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Your Potential Savings Could be:
$544 Per Month or
$6528 Per Year*.