It is Beneficial to your company to get provided with trustworthy merchant account providers that you can count on.

The Payment Source is your one source that links you to the credit card processing companies such as Visa and Mastercard. Does your business need a solution for accepting credit cards? Already have companies processing your credit but want to know that your merchant account provider isn't overcharging you? Get a merchant account provider with an eye on customer service and a list of credit card processing companies to broker the best deal for your company's budget.

The Payment Source is the #1 most trusted credit card processing company.

Make sure you are using one of the merchant account providers that protect your information and offer the latest compliance updates offered by the credit card processing companies.  As a quality merchant account provider, The Payment Source ensures you don't have to worry about extra fees and service charges to your business. We are the most reliable provider to credit card service and maintain a strong sense of security.  Credit Card processing companies have had to scramble to keep up with regulation and compliance changes required to guarantee the protection of personal information which gets transmitted on each card swipe. Merchant account providers are levied heavy fines and harsh punishments for failures to do so, and yet we hear about large breaches of information all too often.  Our company is committed to eliminating these fees while keeping your personal information protected.


The Payment Source has strategically partnered with a variety of credit card processing

companies and providers to guarantee the most effective service offerings available. By partnering with these merchant account providers, The Payment Source is able to offer credit card processing companies' services and payment solution tools at an affordable price and maintain the safety and security that the cardholder needs.

Pricing and Reporting

Pricing for credit card processing is based on type and size of transaction. Visa and Mastercard are regulating bodies, instituting the rules that the credit card companies and credit transaction processors must follow. A merchant account provider will charge a fee over the baseline, ofr what is known in the credit card processing companies industry as the "interchange rate" or base rate, for a given type of transaction to be processed at a merchant location.  We want to give this money back to you.  That's right, we offer a 10% cash back incentive for using our program.  Every month that you use our services, we will cut you, the merchant, a check for 10% cash back. 

Merchant Account providers like The Payment Source offer varied rates for swiped versus hand entered transactions and PIN debit versus credit transactions. It is good for whoever reviews the monthly transaction statement to be familiar with these pricing differences of the merchant account providers and for your staff to be trained.  They can help your company save money by simply suggesting to the cardholder the most cost effective method of payment.


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