A reliable Payment Processor can ensure you have low merchant account fees on credit card transactions and strong ROI.

Accepting only cash and checks because of the fear of the fees and services charges associated with a credit card merchant account? Get the peace of mind you need from a payment processor you can trust by choosing The Payment Source. The Payment Source is your first-rate payment processor providing a credit card merchant account through several sources which makes them compete for your business and makes you the winner with leading technology and low rates and fees.

Setting up a merchant account is easy with The Payment Source. We are among the lowest cost credit card processors in the United States.

Every so often you hear of a breach in security where thousands of individuals information is hacked from a credit card merchant account. Typically a payment processor is to blame but it can be scary for a business owner to fear this type of attack. That's why The Payment Source chooses payment processor partners who are known for their exceptional attention to security and compliance. They use the latest encryption technology and service standards to ensure that this won't happen to your business. They provide only the highest quality equipment sales and leasing solutions which can make it easier than you think to accept cards and account for your daily credit card merchant account business. A payment processor who can guarantee all this is The Payment Source and they are ready to start doing business as your payment processor!

Don't be stressed out when you need help, we have great customer service.

Customer Service is a dying art, especially in credit card merchant accounts. There are so many companies to choose from and most of them are tied to a major payment processor who do not really care about the volume of sales from a small credit card merchant account. When problems arise you need aprocessor you can come to know a trust will take care of your needs. The Payment Source credit card merchant account service team is just that. They take the time to understand your concerns, and troubleshoot equipment errors, train on credit card merchant account statements, and other issues. They are a payment processor who cares about even the smallest credit card merchant account in their portfolio. By hiring a payment processor like this for your merchant account you can trust that you are saving valuable time and money on services that make your business grow!

Contact a representative from The Payment Source to begin the application process. You'll appreciate the cash flow and reduced hassle when you accept credit cards through The Payment Source!


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