Merchant account rebate program

What is this all about?

Merchants of all business types agree that processing fees are one of their biggest expenses! The Payment Source understands how these costs can impact your business and has created a 10% Cash Back Program designed to put money directly back into your pocket! The Payment Source has always guaranteed to save you money on your processing fees and now we have added actual CASH BACK! What does that mean for you the merchant? - The Payment Source will cut you a check for 10% cash back EVERY month you use our services!


How can we afford to do this?

Instead of hiring and paying expensive sales representatives we pass savings directly to you and will continue to do so EVERY MONTH as long as you are processing with The Payment Source!

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started and see how much you can save , is to show us a few months of your current merchant account statements. Armed with this information, we can work with underwriters to lower your fees and tell you exactly how much our 10% program would have paid you as a Payment Source customer.


How does it work?

Every month that you are processing with us - we will cut you a check for 10% cash back! It is that simple and ALL business types will qualify! Not only does The Payment Source guarantee to save you money on your processing fees - we now for 2013 have a program designed specifically to put money back into your pocket where it belongs!


What's the catch?

There isn't one! Our 10% Cash Back Program is simply calculated from your processing fees charged by the processor each month. The only exclusions are "Interchange" and hard costs. These fees can be found detailed on your monthly merchant statement. Show us your statement and we can give you an exact number of how much you would have gotten back as a Payment Source customer.

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