The Payment Source allows easy access for their customers to obtain an effective merchant account setup.

The Payment Source is different from a traditional credit card processing companies because they specialize in quality customer service. They consist of a group of merchant account setup providers who will bid for your credit card transaction business and make it easier for you to keep your credit card processing fees low! The Payment Source is the best bet for a merchant account setup with the lowest processing fees.

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Credit card processing fees are inevitable to any business accepting that type of payment. Credit card processing fees are comprised of an interchange rate, which is the percentage deducted based upon the size of the transaction and the method that the transaction was entered. These credit card processing fees often have a per transaction fee on top of the interchange rate. It is very important that your bookkeeper or accounting staff pays close attention to the credit card processing fees that your company is being charged. It is also very important to hold ongoing training with the users of the credit card machine or point-of-sale terminals to ensure that they are encouraging the most effective method of transaction. The helps to ensure the company isn't being charged unnecessary money and extraneous fees.  By choosing The Payment Source, you can be assured that we strive to keep our customers informed of new policies. 

Credit Card Processing Fees

New laws are allowing businesses to pass on these fees to the customer with proper disclosure. Make sure your company falls within compliance.  If the customer is unaware, this could lead to them demanding their money back. This is called a chargeback and merchant solutions providers can cancel your merchant account or apply severe credit card processing fees for improper violations of these rules.  The Payment Source keeps you updated on important developments and go through ALL the costs with you.  This prevents you from paying extra fees and losing money.

Merchant Account Setup

Merchant account setup typically takes some time. When a new business wants to begin the merchant account setup process to start accepting credit cards, they must go through an evaluation process to guarantee the creditworthiness of their business.  This guarantees that if chargebacks occur, the credit card processor will be repaid. While inconvenient, this also helps to weed out the bad apples that could make the costs go up even more. The Payment Source makes this process easy and ensures your merchant account is setup successfully. This includes the training of your staff on running the terminals and making sure the connection to processing banks is secure.

Merchant account setup with The Payment Source is simple and easy! You'll be up and running credit card transactions in no time with the assurance that you've got excellent rates and customer friendly support whenever you need it.  Our superior service ensures that your merchant account keeps your fees low and your resources high.  With our networking expertise, we expose your company into our circle of clients while providing quality solutions for your growing business.


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